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Trauma Informed Schools UK

Katie is the Strategic Lead for Safeguarding for Trauma Informed Schools UK & National Senior Trainer. As well as being part of the senior management team, Katie is also a supervisor, offering TISUK Group Reflective Supervision.

Trauma Informed Schools UK's (TISUK) vision is to provide appropriate training for schools, communities and organisations so that they become trauma informed and mentally healthy places for all.

This means they aim to help children and teenagers BEFORE they get mental health problems – to catch them as they are falling not after they have fallen. Towards this aim they strongly endorse the statement in the Government Green Paper December 2017 Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision that "there is evidence that appropriately-trained and supported staff such as teachers, school nurses, counsellors, and teaching assistants can achieve results comparable to those achieved by trained therapists in delivering a number of interventions addressing mild to moderate mental health problems (such as anxiety, conduct disorder, substance use disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder)”. TISUK are appropriately training school staff to take on this task.


Their objective is to bring about a whole school /organisational cultural shift where the wellbeing of all is the highest priority. They implement many interventions to ensure the relational and emotional health of all. Their interventions are evidence based with the backing of over 1,000 research studies from psychology and neuroscience.

They also believe that for schools to become mentally healthy places for all, the value of well being has to start at the very top, with organisations such as DFE, Ofsted and the Regional Schools Commissioners balancing the scales between outcomes (test scores) and emotional wellbeing.


They are working to ensure that there is national recognition of the importance of monitoring the well being of schools and that Governing Bodies, Trust Boards and Directors make staff wellbeing as well as pupil well being a key performance indicator for our schools.

For more information on the work of TISUK and their current courses and offer, please click on the logo below. 

As Katie is a National Trainer for TISUK she runs her own course alongside other senior colleagues from the education or mental health sector. Katie runs local courses which are advertised though TISUK, but please do get in touch if you would like Katie to run a course in your school or organisation. 


Current Courses Katie is running 

Cheshire Cohort 3 - 11 Day Diploma - April 2024







Cheshire SLT May 2024






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