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What is Supervision?

Supervision provides a safe, contained, confidential space* in which professionals are supported to reflect more deeply about the nature and challenges of their professional work. It serves also to consider the emotional impact that very often exists for professionals as they work to support and educate young people from a variety of backgrounds.

Supervision is purposeful and is intended to help professionals gain further insight into the emotional landscape, motivations and presenting behaviours of the young people with whom they work. Clear guidance will be given on when or where to refer on to, as well as next steps and actions to take.

Many professionals will at times feel challenged or overwhelmed by their role in keeping children and young people safe, which can, in turn, adversely affect professionals’ wellbeing. It is therefore important that supervision is provided to all staff, particularly to those, such as Head Teachers, Designated Safeguarding Leads, Designated Teachers/ Special Educational Needs Coordinators, Pastoral Staff, and those supporting children with SEMH needs.

Katie is an accredited Clinical Supervisor with the Association of Psychological Therapies. Katie uses an integrative approach to her supervision offer, utilising the safeguarding supervision model, solution focused approaches and combining it with the therapeutic aspects of clinical supervision. This ensures her clients get the emotional support they need as well as support and guidance on ensuring their caseloads are well managed.  

Katie is also a freelance supervisor for a number of organisations as well as Trauma Informed Schools UK.

*(with the exclusion of risk)

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